Saturday, May 9, 2009

One Lucky Girl...

So I have had very little time to read blogs these days....but thankfully I read a couple and was a lucky winner...

My first win was just wonderful and the timing could not have been better.

I was reading the Moda Bakeshop Blog when I stumbled across the blog of Jen Duncan. She was giving away a sample of what she made for the Moda blog....and low and behold I won...even better it was the week before my daughters first birthday party. She was so kind and shipped it quickly and I had it in time for the party. Thank you so much Jen!!!!!

Next I offered up an opinion on some names for a couple of quilts on One Shabby Chick and she sent me some scraps of wonderful fabrics from her quilts. As I was looking at all the scraps I even recalled some of them from the quilts I have admired. One day I may even post a quilt almost as gorgeous as many on her blog. Thank you very much.

Well off to hopefully finish up some Mother's Day gifts. :D

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Been awhile....

I hope to be able to sew more and more in the coming year. I have had a pretty good start so far.

I finished one quilt top:

Based on this pattern: Finn's Quilt

I also made this fabric basket based on Pink Penguin's tutorial.

Hopefully soon enough I will be able to share my finished quilt.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Coaster and Presents

I finally made me a coaster for my desk at work. I got a new job...and I really need something to spruce of my area for is a temporary desk situation while they renovate and get new ones. Very here is my new should brighten things up:

And the back:

I was inspired by all the beauties I have seen on other this one and this one. Hopefully soon enough I will be brave enough to try the second one.

I also made these place mats for my grandmother that loves roosters. I have a dilemma though. I really think they need to be quilted to hold their shape when dilemma is whether or not I can quilt them now that they are finished. If I pin them really good do you think it would do okay or get really wonky on me. The pattern called for you to sew right sides together and turn...hence no binding or raw edges. I think they look fine as is....I just worry about them getting really wonky in the wash.

Back with more soon.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Check this out....

Old Red Barn is having another giveaway....and is awesome.

Enter to win yourself and look at this gorgeous beauty:

You can also see some wonderful designs on her site.


As for me I hope to make some Christmas gifts this weekend....I have been trying with no luck.

I will definitely post as soon as I make something.

I did make some place mats for my grandmother, but I cannot decide whether to attempt to quilt them. The instructions said to piece them, then sandwich them with the batting so that you can turn it inside out. I am wondering if I try to quilt it will it get wonky?

Thanks to those who have posted to me. I really do hope to posts some pictures very soon.

Monday, October 27, 2008

So many questions...

So I know I have no readers....but hopefully soon enough. I have some questions so when you find this blog....please answer away.

1. Do you buy mostly yardage or fat quarters?
2. Do you have plans for all the fabric you buy....or just hope ones comes?
3. What are you favorite patterns...remember I am a semi-beginner?
4. What is your favorite quilting blog?

I am sure I have so many more....but here is a start.

First Post....

Well I have decided to start a sewing....quilting...and mild crafting blog.

In short I started sewing a couple of years ago to help me mentally deal with the loss of my triplet sons. It has helped a lot.

I started by taking a beginner sewing class...then a purse class....and now I have started quilting....I love it!!! With that comes a horrible addiction to buying fabric with no particular intended use....ooops.

I will soon share some of my work.