Monday, October 27, 2008

So many questions...

So I know I have no readers....but hopefully soon enough. I have some questions so when you find this blog....please answer away.

1. Do you buy mostly yardage or fat quarters?
2. Do you have plans for all the fabric you buy....or just hope ones comes?
3. What are you favorite patterns...remember I am a semi-beginner?
4. What is your favorite quilting blog?

I am sure I have so many more....but here is a start.

First Post....

Well I have decided to start a sewing....quilting...and mild crafting blog.

In short I started sewing a couple of years ago to help me mentally deal with the loss of my triplet sons. It has helped a lot.

I started by taking a beginner sewing class...then a purse class....and now I have started quilting....I love it!!! With that comes a horrible addiction to buying fabric with no particular intended use....ooops.

I will soon share some of my work.